marina-garrisonMarina Garrison

Marina Garrison is a certified Scrum Master (CSM), project manager (PMP) and business analyst with almost 20 years experience in delivering software systems and has been applying agile methods for 6 years. As a coach and consultant, Marina helps organizations adopt and expand their use of agile by working with teams, PMOs and executives.

kevan-gilbertKevan Gilbert

Kevan is Director of Creative Strategy with Vancouver’s Domain7. His award-winning content strategy work has helped tell better stories for some of the world’s most interesting organizations, but he’s most proud of pioneering new workshops to draw out contributions from his brilliant colleagues and clients. He works from home on his family farm, with his wife and two young kids.

mike-strausMike Straus

Mike Straus is a freelance copywriter and a Toronto Star Award-winning journalist. He discovered copywriting while studying psychology at UBC, and today he uses his knowledge of social psychology and his writing skills to create brilliant, engaging marketing content for businesses all around the world. He’s written for publications like Canadian Chiropractor Magazine and UX Booth, and he has helped dozens of businesses in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia to boost their visibility and generate more sales.

melissaMelissa Voth

Melissa Voth McHugh is a photographer and artist (BFA and PPD) with over 10 years experience. Melissa has loved photography her whole life, she has studied the art and technical aspects, however what really comes through is her love affair with the art and seeing the world in a different way, when she shares her knowledge about photography her passion is evident.

brent-luehrBrent Luehr

Before Brent was out of diapers he was already taking apart electronic toys and trying to put them back together. This lead to a life full of technical curiosity, which involved breaking things that were working perfectly fine and fixing things that were broken while constantly learning how everything worked. As soon as Brent finished high school, he leapt straight into web development, building online lessons, interactive labs and education tools for distance learning students in BC. After becoming intrigued with tech startups, Brent realized he could become an “intrapreneur” and help bring other people’s dreams to life using code, servers, paperclips and bits of used chewing gum. Now, with over 14 years of professional experience, Brent has built online interactive video editing platforms, social networks, mobile apps, ball pits and much more!

shane-austinShane Austin

Shane Austin is a designer, speaker, consultant, community builder, and sporadic writer. He’s been teaching in the realms of design and technology off and on over the last 10 years, and has a passion for working with startups.

daniel-washbrookDaniel Washbrook

Daniel Washbrook is a solution architect and developer who’s passionate about exploring new technology to find better ways to solve problems, whilst developing web applications that make the world a better place.

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